feared or respectd


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Sorry. Don’t know what happened to the zoom


Listen what I sayyyyyoo

No. I detest RHCP

Either way check it out.


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Taking a break from work and pokemon battling for a Harry potter selfie!

Taking a break from work and pokemon battling for a Harry potter selfie!


AAAAND it’s up and running!

Again a great battle and thanks chichi for a great match!

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Check it! Thank you all!


Ladies, gentlemen, and esteemed peers of the Blowfish Battle Network and beyond lend me your ears.

I am looking for a battle, that will hopefully take place tonight.
The battle rules are as follows:
1 - I am looking for a single battle 6v6 normal rules
2 - it will be a multi-tier battle



Looking for someone to battle!  dont care who!  any passerby will do!!  just know that our battle will end up on youtube before the night is over ;)

hit me up on here and we can swap friend codes if you like.   or get online and look for the shout out 

"6v6 4 youtube?"

thats mwah.    

Come find me!

Hey everyone! Please go out and check my other blog! Pokemon battling! Woohoo! Name is actual blowfish!!! Yeeeaahhh


Woah! Wifi battle with wrath-of-slowbro turned out to be a close match right up to the very end! With another loss to mark my record I’m looking for the big W next battle!!! Here we go!

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Go Go go go go!!!

1 hour


Hey hey
Comin uo in JUST under an hour we have a mixed teir battle with none other than my man from overseas, wrath-of-slowbro!! Battle is scheduled for 4 so hopefully video should be up by 530 at the latest! Check it out. Check slowbro out.

And stay actual.

Yup yup


New battle up! Today’s opponent was none other than my brother himself, Matt! Unfortunately ended in a devastating loss. I don’t know what happened. We are usually a 50/50 match up. Oh well. Check it out!!

Get the word out and remember to tag the blowfish!!